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Mothers deserve everything.

Mothers deserve everything.

Next May 8 is his day and is just around the corner, so, if you still do not know what to give him or if you do not have enough financial resources to make that gift that you have always wanted but never could, in Binaryloan.

Today, we offer you the solution of the moment: the special mini-credits for special mothers, and nothing more and nothing less than five different proposals to give him! Let’s go there:

Special mini-credits for special mothers

Special mini-credits for special mothers

1. Luxury villa

A luxury villa is, quite simply, a gift not only original but also very, very charismatic on your part. Can you imagine your mom enjoying her stay in a room like the one in the picture? Intimacy, tranquility and privacy will be the backbone of your gift for Mother’s Day.

2. Journey to the destination you have always dreamed of

As a mother, you will want her dreams to come true, right? And what better time than Mother’s Day so that yours can enjoy a few days in that paradise destination that has always wanted to visit? We are sure that this will be the most special gift ever made.

3. Spa with relaxing massage and dinner included

Carry out the maintenance of the house (cleaning, order), control receipts and billing / expenses of housing, cooking and a thousand other actions are tasks that mothers usually exercise, although it is true that more and more men participate in them. But, as much as it is said, the role of a mother in a house requires a lot of responsibility.

So much so that these sometimes accumulate a lot of nerves and tension in the body. Therefore, honoring her with an extraordinary spa with relaxing massage and culminating in a dinner to share with whoever she wants will be the gifts she will most appreciate in her life.

4. Cruise

Taking her on a surprise cruise is synonymous with safe entertainment. On cruises there are all kinds of activities, both sports, leisure and entertainment. There are shows, theaters, karaokes, orchestras, water activities to do some sports, discos, bars, and much more.

Depending on the cruise you choose, you will have some options or others, so if you are going to select this option, check first what kind of activities there are to see if they match your mom’s tastes.

For any option, mini-credits are an excellent solution for their incredible advantages.


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Credit transfer and direct debit. What is the difference? /credit-transfer-and-direct-debit-what-is-the-difference/ /credit-transfer-and-direct-debit-what-is-the-difference/#respond Sun, 20 Oct 2019 23:36:16 +0000

Nomenclature, specific to a given industry, often causes ambiguities, errors and raises justified anxiety. Because when we do not understand the terms we lose confidence and we feel that someone wants to cheat us. This is even more difficult when we meet with the financial or credit industry. Mistakes that occur in the context of deadlines: direct debits and credit transfers occur extremely often. Seemingly they mean the same thing – in practice, they talk about something else. Let’s check what are the main differences and what makes each of these terms stand out.

Both credit transfer and direct debit are various banking services that relate to financial transactions. Both are also performed within our personal accounts. Their similarities actually end there, because most of the elements definitely differ from each other. Let’s start in turn.


Transfer order pattern – what’s going on?

money loan

A transfer order is a kind of authorization of the owner of a given bank account. The simplest and illustrative explanation: the account owner authorizes the bank to send from this account a certain amount of money, also to the account specified by him. This applies to both permanent transfers, i.e. those which we make regularly, at intervals. Among them we can distinguish bills, alimony or, in the case of employers, the salaries of their employees. It is important that the standing order for the transfer order be unchanged – this applies to both the transfer amount, destination account and repayment dates. So it is an extremely convenient solution, especially in the case of permanent, important transfers or numerous transactions. This type of relief is extremely useful and many of us will definitely take advantage of this opportunity. Finally, the risk of not paying the bill or forgetting about an important transfer is practically minimized to zero.


Print order transfer

Print order transfer

Transfer orders can also be ordered using the available templates for a given print. On a small piece of paper, in windows resembling rectangles, you should properly complete the details of the client and the recipient. Thoroughly analyze, we must complete the print with:

  • name of the recipient – i.e. the name and surname or name of the company that will receive the amount from us
  • recipient’s invoice number – this element is extremely important, therefore it is recommended to enter it several times
  • amount – expressed in USD
  • our invoice number – the payer’s invoice number
  • personal data of the client – and therefore personal data of ourselves
  • title – the title of the transfer, which appears on the account. It is good that it should be unambiguous and indicate the purpose and author of the transfer


Direct debit – what is it?

Direct debit - what is it?

For a change, let’s focus now on the so-called direct debit. Although it sounds similar, its task and form of implementation is different. Yes, it is a regular transaction, but in this element we do not set a fixed amount for the transfer. To make an order, complete the form that is the creditor’s authority. In this element, the creditor is the institution that is the party that invoices for the services (e.g. the company performs an order for us). The authorization is for the creditor (in this case – the company) to be able to debit our account with a given amount, which changes with the scope of services offered. Therefore, it is also extremely important help, facilitating us timely repayment of the changing commitment. This solution may prove to be extremely beneficial for persons ordering a significant number of variable orders. So if we have a problem with watching the changing amounts of the transfer – it is worth considering the option of direct debit.

In this element, it is worth pointing out an example, which is direct debit plus. It is a cashless and quick way to pay phone bills. The implementation of the command is extremely transparent and clear. First, Plus, every month sends to the bank branch information on the amount due for which the subscription should be paid. The bank shall regulate it within the period specified on the binding document. Of course, the owner of the phone is informed about taking such actions, usually by means of an SMS message. This example best illustrates how much simplicity this process is.

Based on the above descriptions, we can easily observe the leading differences between a credit transfer and direct debit. The main difference is that the consumer or invoice issuer is authorized to determine the amount of the permanent transfer due. While in the case of a transfer order, the account owner decides, while in the case of a direct debit, the person making the invoice is the decisive person.

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Payday consolidation loan -Fast payday loan consolidation program /payday-consolidation-loan-fast-payday-loan-consolidation-program/ /payday-consolidation-loan-fast-payday-loan-consolidation-program/#respond Thu, 25 Jul 2019 08:44:26 +0000 Reserved for those who have more funds in progress, Eicredit loan the debts consolidation loan aimed at grouping the installments into one, with the advantage of negotiating a better interest rate, lengthen the contract if necessary and therefore dilute better payment over time, get new liquidity. Only commitments made with the same Montecillo Bank, not those from other banks or financial institutions, can be consolidated.

Fast payday loan consolidation program

Who can request MPS Handyman UNA

Being a payday loan consolidation program, it must already have other payday loans in place. You can go to if you want to consolidate payday loans.

Handy Corg is dedicated exclusively to individuals. With regard to the necessary documentation medesima the same request when the previous loans were opened.

DEF Features Handy Corg

MPS Features Handyman UNA

The loan is disbursed for amounts ranging from 1500 euros to 30000. The minimum contract term is 12 months, the maximum is 120 months (10 years). It is, therefore, a product capable of covering a good number of average loans that may have been obtained previously.

The strengths are:

  • the possibility of defining installment and duration so as to readjust one’s own debt exposure to changed conditions, for example, the family budget
  • start paying the installments with an initial two-month payment extension
  • obtain a figure higher than the sum of the extinction counts of the individual loans, in order to have new liquidity
  • if you have temporary difficulties, skip an installment simply by not paying it, and append it at the end of the contract, without adding to the cost

The maximum rates of foreseen are the following:

  • tan 11.65%
  • taeg 16.95%

The costs of practical opening and preliminary investigation amount to 1.5% of the financed capital.

The installments will be paid by rid, although, from an information sheet, it is also possible to use postal bills. Finally, the loan is covered by free compulsory insurance, which intervenes in some causes of death or invalidity. This insurance can, optionally, be extended thanks to “Astro Finance”, a policy for the maximum cost of 8% of the financed capital, guaranteeing coverage in the event of death (for any reason), invalidity, incapacity for work or loss of employment.

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How to use personal credit in the best way? | Debt Consolidation /how-to-use-personal-credit-in-the-best-way-debt-consolidation/ /how-to-use-personal-credit-in-the-best-way-debt-consolidation/#respond Tue, 18 Jun 2019 07:27:19 +0000


Credit financing solutions are the most accessible for the different structural stages of life (examples of housing and personal loans). There are, therefore, several uses for the different types of personal loans, but do you take advantage of them as they should? Learn how to use personal credit in the best way through this article.

Remodeling or house decoration

 Remodeling or house decoration


There are credits designed to make works or decoration at home, but you have to take into account that these specialized products may most likely have higher interest rates than a personal loan.

Specifically for these cases, credits to do works at home may also require the client to submit more documentation: remodeling plans, official receipts, among others, before the money is awarded. In this way, it becomes very important to know how to use personal credit.
Read more: The best personal credit to renovate the home
On the other hand, by getting a personal loan and later using it to have a new kitchen, for example (and / or even for renewable energy projects), you will get a more flexible APR and, at the same time, you will not have problems with your request.

Weddings, baptisms and other family events

 Weddings, baptisms and other family events

Marriages, for example, involve some significant expenses, from the photographer to the catering service to hire. In this sense, a personal loan can do much for itself in relieving this financial burden.

Keep in mind, however, the importance of choosing a loan with the best terms, according to your needs:

Compare personal credit online

Personal credit for going on vacation

Personal credit for going on vacation


Rest is synonymous with holidays and despite the numerous promotions on the travel sites, the truth is that spending is not limited to airfare and accommodation. So, to ensure you deserve peace of mind on your vacation, fast personal credit can be a great ally, as you can find flexible, comfortable options with a simple membership process.


How to Use Personal Credit to Start a Business

 How to Use Personal Credit to Start a Business


If you want to let go of the entrepreneur that exists, there are several types of financing that can be obtained, either with private investors, friends and / or family, or through so-called investment subsidies (these are generally granted by the Government and / or even related to assets), among other forms.

Microloans can also be a good option as they allow you to have support in job creation, controlled interest rates and get follow-up throughout the development of the business.

On the other hand, a personal loan can help you get start-up capital to start the business, but to do so, you need to fit into the generally more demanding criteria to get it (here it is really important to know how to use personal credit ). Personal loans are unsecured loans, so you will not have to put the deal as collateral: one less worry in your long walk.

Refinancing and Debt Consolidation

 Refinancing and Debt Consolidation

When you take out personal credit to refinance or consolidate a debt, whether from a credit card or otherwise, you should be aware that you are only moving the amount you have for a different account. Be aware of the market and consider only refinancing in this way when it is to reduce the annual debt rate of your credit card, home loan, car loan or other. Only in this way will the total amount payable be considerably reduced.

Consider also whether it will not compensate you to take out a consolidated credit to cut down on the monthly installment of all your loans. It will be easier to focus on one payment than managing multiple at the same time.
Learn more: What you should know about consolidated credit
In short, we recommend that the amount borrowed is only what is needed to achieve your specific goal. That is, borrow money if you really need it and avoid asking too much not to pay extra fees.

Once you have settled the value to request and its purpose, we advise you to look for the best offer in the market. Each credit institution or bank will have its decision criteria in the allocation of funding. The more you research, simulate and compare, the easier you will find an option with reduced APR, monetizing and getting the most out of your loan.

Finally, pay attention to the bureaucratic costs of credit (such as, for example, the opening fees, because if the loan is a small amount, these amounts may have a preponderant effect on the final interest rate to be paid) .

Finally, it is important to negotiate penalties if you want to repay the entire loan before it comes to an end, ie in case of early repayment of the loan.

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Car loan – Finance a new car /car-loan-finance-a-new-car/ /car-loan-finance-a-new-car/#respond Tue, 28 May 2019 17:15:58 +0000

If you want to buy a car but you do not have enough money at the moment, you can take out a car loan. This loan is usually taken out as a personal loan because the loan amount has a specific purpose and that is to finance your new car. The car loan is very common because the car is often a necessity for many people. If you had an older car and it suddenly broke, it may be necessary to take out a car loan. If you have a BKR registration, it is still possible to get a car loan, but you should carefully consider what the options are for you in this situation. Not all Credit Providers will want to give you a loan, but some may want to do so. There are various loans possible to get money for a car. This does not necessarily have to be a personal loan. There are also possibilities with lease constructions or a revolving credit, although a revolving credit is not common for a car loan. In addition, you can also use your car as collateral so that the lender is more willing to grant you a loan.

Do you want to borrow money for the purchase of a new car or a second-hand car? Or do you have a major repair for which you want to borrow money?

View the options for a car loan

View the options for a car loan

On the TV you probably see it sometimes: “The new Ford, Volkswagen, Seat or Opel etc .. now for only 4,999 euros” and then you can pay the remaining amount next year. This sounds very attractive but you have to pay attention to what interest you pay AND what conditions are attached to it. For example, you may not have to pay interest on the remaining amount, but you must take out a relatively expensive all-risk insurance policy with the car dealer. This is therefore also a form of the increasingly common car loan. Sometimes there are also possibilities that you can pay off the car within 5 years with a fixed amount that you have to pay off annually. In such cases, you actually borrow money (in the form of your new car) from the car dealer or from the finance company affiliated with the car dealer.

Options to finance your new car

Options to finance your new car

As mentioned, the car loan is common because it can be a luxury product, but it can also be a bitter necessity for many people. Because the personal loan is often used when taking out a loan for a car, it is good to take a closer look at the personal loan. One of the features of the personal loan is that you get the entire amount of money directly into your account. This is therefore different from a revolving credit where you can withdraw the money and repay it whenever you want. Another characteristic of the personal loan is that the loan has a fixed term. So you know when you take out the loan when you must have paid off the loan. This means that you have to pay a fixed amount every month and you have a fixed interest. This form of loan has structure and gives more security, so some say that this way of borrowing is safer. But despite that still applies: borrowing money costs money.

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The parameters of a fast loan /the-parameters-of-a-fast-loan/ /the-parameters-of-a-fast-loan/#respond Sun, 26 May 2019 17:09:48 +0000

Fast loans

Fast loans

When you find yourself in a precarious financial situation, it is reassuring to know that there is a “Plan B”. In fact, fast loans can make it easier for you if you have accumulated too much delay in your payments or if there is still a major break in one of your appliances. Whatever the reasons that led you to these temporary financial difficulties, know that you have access to a fast loan from companies specialized in this sector of activities. Also be aware that some of these companies do not rely solely on your credit report to analyze your request. Indeed, there are several factors used to determine if you are a good candidate. If you plan to use this type of loan,

Each lender has its own requirements, and they may differ from one to the other. Generally, the higher the amount to borrow, the more stringent the analysis parameters are in obtaining your loan application. Since lenders do not do credit checks, they use other methods to determine if you are able to repay your loan. They still want to make sure you’re worthy of trust, especially when a lot of money is at stake.

A fast loan is a temporary cash advance to help you meet short-term financial needs. You can choose the periodicity to repay your loan. You can opt for a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly refund. Loans are made by bank transfer and the amounts must be deposited in a Canadian account. The same is true for the repayment of the loan, which is done by automatic withdrawal from your account. Note that fast loans should not be used as a long-term financial solution.

In most cases, the analysis of a loan application is based on various factors, which are used to determine whether or not you qualify for a loan. Here are the main criteria:

  • Have a stable job for at least 3 months;
  • Have a Canadian bank account
  • Be 18 years old and over and provide a valid piece of identification
  • Your monthly income must meet the minimum requirements (the amount varies from one creditor to another);
  • Your account does not show a delay in many payments;
  • You do not have excessive debts in the short term.

Choose what suits you

Choose what suits you

Although there are several variations in the requirements of the lenders, those listed above remain the most common and the most well known too. That being said, you will need to consider the lending parameters that suit your situation for the rest of your application. Thus, when you apply for a fast loan, lenders submit a scale of calculation, from which you select the amount you want to borrow, as well as the frequency of payments. Of course, you choose what suits you, knowing that you will be able to honor the repayments. Beyond the convenience of quickly receiving the money you really need, the fact remains that you must be worthy of the trust you are given.

While fast lending services are accessible and within your reach, you really need to consider this solution as an exceptional way of getting out of trouble. Never lose sight of the fact that interest rates are high and that fast loans are a short-term solution to help you when you are in a temporary financial stalemate. At all times, you owe it to yourself to be responsible. You must at all costs avoid getting in debt indefinitely. You should see fast lending as a possible, but temporary, solution to immediate and, in addition, unforeseen problems. Remember to ask for a quick loan if, and only if, you know you will be able to repay it! Now that you know all the parameters involved in this type of transaction,

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Loan 30000 “immediately” even without proof of income and registry /loan-30000-immediately-even-without-proof-of-income-and-registry/ /loan-30000-immediately-even-without-proof-of-income-and-registry/#respond Tue, 14 May 2019 16:51:23 +0000

Bank consumer credit

Bank consumer credit

These usually start at 20,000 or 30,000 CZK. Their advantage is, above all, a guarantee of sound behavior on the part of the lender – the bank – and also a lower interest rate than is normally the case with non-bank companies.

The disadvantages of bank loans generally include higher demands on the debtor’s creditworthiness – banks do not lend to clients who cannot prove their income or who have had problems with repayment of other loans and have a record in the debtors register. Also, the processing of a bank loan is somewhat longer than that of non-bank entities. A typical representative of a 30000 bank loan is, for example, CashuewLoan (Express loan) or a loan from Cash Portalona .

Non-bank loans CZK 30000 – without proof of income even without a register

Unlike banks, non-bank companies are more tolerant of their clients’ creditworthiness. It is no exception that a non-bank loan of 30000 will be provided to women on maternity leave, students or pensioners. Also, the listing in the debtors’ registry may not be a problem. A typical representative of non-bank loans without proof of income (ie without the need for a paper receipt of income) is MoneyCareplusOne, which is awarded up to CZK 50,000 for 61 days to 80 months. This loan is also tolerant of some less serious records in the debtors’ registers (it can be classified as loans without a register).

Loan on account immediately

So-called. SMS loans are very popular small fast non-bank loans that can be sent immediately to your account. Perhaps the best-known representative is a loan called Zaplo , for which the maximum amount is CZK 30,000. The advantage of this loan is the minimum of formalities and sending money to the account immediately after approval. However, it should be noted that for a thirty-thousand-thousand-dollar sum, the bidder will only receive a proper repayment of the first loan.

The first free loan – up to CZK 16,000

The first free loan - up to CZK 16,000

The amount of the first loan at Zaplo can reach up to CZK 16,000 and is provided free of charge to new clients – no extra money is paid for borrowed money. Other companies provide the first free loan today, but Zaplo is currently the unrivaled highest amount that can be obtained for free. Just keep in mind that additional credit will be charged.

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The motorcycle loan /the-motorcycle-loan/ /the-motorcycle-loan/#respond Tue, 30 Apr 2019 16:28:52 +0000

Motorcycle financing is a specific form of loan for the purchase of a motorcycle or scooter, be it new, used or zero kilometers, which provides for the deferred payment of the price, through monthly installments.
The motorbike loan is generally available on the market with a term from 12 to 60 months, at a fixed rate and variable rate, with a maximum amount limited to around 30,000 euros which can cover up to 100% of the purchase price of the motorcycle. The interest rates applied are generally lower than the normal consumer credit as the repayment of the debt is guaranteed by the motorcycle which, being a registered movable asset, can be subjected to attachment.


Being a finalized loan it can be proposed directly by the concessionaire, by virtue of the agreement stipulated with a financial institution. In this case the retailer, with a commission for the procurement of customers to the bank, proposes the financing to the customer and manages the entire file, from the collection of documents to the approval of the credit. Once the loan has been approved, the financial company provides the agreed amount to the concessionaire, while the applicant who purchased the vehicle pays the installment according to the agreed repayment schedule.
It is therefore not the customer who has the sum of the motorcycle loan; this is paid directly to the dealer. The applicant simply subscribes to the motorcycle loan and repays the monthly installments.



The request for financing in the dealership has advantages and disadvantages: on the one hand it can facilitate a greater discount on the purchase price, by virtue of the commission collected by the dealer. On the other hand, it does not allow the comparison of more financing products and the consequent choice of the most convenient loan, ie with the lowest APR . This is because in most cases the dealer has an exclusive agreement with a single financial institution.
Alternatively, the motorbike loan can be signed by the applicant independently at a bank or a trusted financial company before the purchase of the motorcycle. In this case the applicant receives the sum agreed by the credit institution on his current account and then proceeds to pay the purchase price to the motorcycle dealer.
Choosing the loan autonomously allows the applicant to compare several financing offers and the choice of the most convenient one, for example with the lower APR . Also in this case the applicant can freely dispose of the loaned amount, associating for example the purchase of the bike with the accessory costs (transfer of ownership, stamp, insurance) or other family liquidity needs.



Obtaining a motorbike loan requires the normal guarantees provided by consumer credit or the availability of a continuous and certain monthly income to repay debt installments and good credit reliability. In fact, even in the finalized loans, the data is checked at the risk center : any negative reports lead the financial company not to grant any loan.
Often, in order to limit the risk of insolvency, credit institutions require the signature of a co-obligor or a third guarantor as guarantee , guaranteeing the success of the transaction. This is a rather common request, in the presence of particular conditions (such as an applicant with a recent seniority or a particularly high amount).


The law states that a motorcycle loan contract must contain the following elements:

  • the interest rate charged;
  • any other price and conditions applied, including the higher charges in the event of default;
  • the amount and method of financing;
  • the number, amounts and expiry of the individual installments;
  • the annual percentage rate of charge (APR);
  • the detail of the analytical conditions according to which the APR can possibly be modified;
  • the amount and purpose of the charges that are excluded from the APR calculation;
  • any guarantees required;
  • any insurance coverage required and not included in the APR calculation.



The interruption of the repayment of the loan entails the immediate non-fulfillment of the financing institution and the risk of unpleasant consequences:

  • the interest due would be increased, with the application of a default;
  • there is a risk that your name will be included in the list of latecomers and / or reported to credit protection bodies (the Central Risks), which will share information with the entire banking and financial system. The result will be the worsening of the customer’s creditworthiness and a consequent greater difficulty in obtaining credit in the future.

Failure to timely pay even a single installment authorizes the lending institution to unilaterally terminate the contract. The customer will be required to pay all bank and protest charges as well as all the expenses incurred by the Institute to recover the sums due, in addition to a possible penalty.


The law guarantees the consumer the possibility of early repayment of the loan . If the consumer decides to choose this option, in addition to the repayment of the residual capital, he could pay a penalty that must not exceed, by law, 1% of the financed capital; the exact terms of the penalty are reported in the signed contractual conditions.


Below we illustrate in a schematic way some specific evaluation criteria of the first home loan.

  • Risk policies : each Institute applies its own risk policy in the assessment of requests, based on the statistical data it has (credit scoring). This data is the tool that allows the Institute to keep insolvencies below a certain level.
  • Income level : the acceptance of the requests is normally also subordinated to the evaluation of the income level of the applicant and to the relationship between the latter and the possible repayment installment.
  • Credit reliability : finally, the creditworthiness of the applicant is of great importance. It is important to emphasize that this evaluation has no “moral” meaning. The Institutes are limited to estimating the level of risk connected to each request, also on the basis of the indications transmitted by the Central Risks. If the credit history of the applicant presents some “flaws” (delays in repayments of previous loans, unpaid debts, etc.) the probability that the request will be accepted is obviously lower. In some of these cases a valid alternative is constituted by the Assignment of the fifth: this solution, offering the appropriate guarantees to the financing Institute, allows the adoption of more flexible evaluation criteria.


When choosing between multiple financing offers, it is good to consider the overall cost of each loan , not limited to the assessment of the monthly installment only. However, this is not a simple operation since the items of expenditure of a loan can be numerous (amount disbursed, interest, ancillary charges, possible initial expenses, insurance costs) and are not easily measurable in an immediate manner.

In general, the elements that should be considered before signing a loan agreement are:

  • TAN (Nominal Annual Rate) : represents the interest rate, expressed as a percentage and on an annual basis, applied to the financed capital (sometimes gross of any insurance costs or preliminary investigation costs). It is used to calculate, starting from the amount financed and the duration of the loan, the portion of interest that will be paid to the financing institution and which, added to the capital share, will determine the repayment installment.
    In our section dedicated to calculation tools , you can calculate the amount of the monthly installment and the total expenditure for interest, indicating the main characteristics of the financing that you intend to request.
  • TAEG (Global Effective Annual Rate) :  a measure, expressed in percentage terms, with two decimal places and on an annual basis, of the total cost of the loan. Unlike the TAN, the APR is inclusive of any additional charges such as investigation costs and insurance costs, which are charged to the customer.
    However, under certain conditions, Italian legislation allows a certain discretion, excluding or including some items in the calculation of the APR: insurance costs, for example, if optional, can be excluded from the calculation. Pay attention and carefully consider your overall expenditure, analyzing each time the items of the offer you are offered.
    In our section dedicated to calculation tools , you can calculate the loan APR and compare loans with different characteristics, and easily determine the financing from the most advantageous economic conditions.
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Loans for students – bank and non-bank student loans /loans-for-students-bank-and-non-bank-student-loans/ /loans-for-students-bank-and-non-bank-student-loans/#respond Mon, 29 Apr 2019 16:54:44 +0000

What is the offer of student loans in our market?

What is the offer of student loans in our market?

Student life brings not only joy. Parents often do not have the money to pay for accommodation and study, and students often have to stand on their own when they are in college. In the beginning, student loans can help them. These offer banks and non-bank companies.

What do banks offer?

What do banks offer?

Students can also apply for loans to major banks. Even though students have no or only minimal income, banks have prepared special student products for them. Bank student loans are more advantageous than non-bank loans, but candidates must meet certain conditions and submit a study certificate. While it takes a little longer to process, the reward for patience is a higher amount at a lower interest rate than other loans.

Student loan from Cash Portalona

Student loan from Cash Portalona

A loan for students from Cash Portalona is intended for university students and secondary school students. Money is non-purpose, ie. without proving what the applicant used the money for. Cash Portalona provides a student loan of 20 to 700 thousand and offers a maturity of up to 10 years. Students must present a certificate of study, identity card and receipt of their or co-debtor, who is usually one of the parents.

CP Student Loan

CP Student Loan

Although CP does not offer loans directly intended for students in its offer, it offers an interesting alternative: the current account Plus Konto with the possibility of overdrawing up to CZK 20,000. Free leadership is available for young people under the age of 26 with no income and will receive two contactless cards for their account. Of course there is the possibility to manage the account via smartbanking or internet banking.

Non-bank loans available

Non-bank loans available

Non-bank companies lend to students who are going to study or already pay some school-related expenses. Students handle the entire loan online from the comfort of their home, college or rental. They can have money on their account immediately and can use it according to their current needs. Non-bank loans are generally more affordable than bank loans, but carry higher risks. For example, in the form of high penalties in the event of default.

Non-bank loans to students are an easy way to get money. On the Internet, you can find a wide range of loans without income (ie loans without the need to document income), loans without a guarantor, and flash SMS loans. However, it is necessary to anticipate that these products are provided with higher interest, shorter maturity and limited amounts, usually up to 5000 or 10000 CZK.

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5 reasons to justify a fast loan /5-reasons-to-justify-a-fast-loan/ /5-reasons-to-justify-a-fast-loan/#respond Wed, 24 Apr 2019 17:02:31 +0000

Everyone can experience hardships. And some of you have probably seen moreover their financial situation affected during these hard times. Lenders came to their aid because the information provided met their conditions and requirements. On the other hand, others have been refused any help. Indeed, some individuals tend to abstain from lending for a number of reasons.

It’s important to understand that a fast, responsive loan can help you when you really need money. Some may still hesitate to engage in this type of transaction. Their decision is motivated either by ignorance of the benefits they would derive from it, or because they do not trust the company or the lender. Although there are still crooks, especially on the Web, know that there are also companies honest and able to help you manage your business.

Do you know little about the world of brokers? Want to learn more about the world of lending? To enlighten your lantern, here are the 5 reasons to justify a fast loan.

  1. Convenience


With better opening hours, compared to a financial institution and with the ease of completing an online form, fast loan companies allow you to apply at any time, even in the comfort of your home. It is comforting and especially convenient to access this service at your convenience. Plus, in just 24 hours, a direct deposit can be made into your account. So you have quick access to a loan.

  1. Perfect solution in the short term

    Perfect solution in the short term

A fast loan is a good solution to get money fast, whatever the reason. It’s important to note that these types of loans are perfect in the short term. In the long run, it would be very expensive to use this means to finance you. Eh! yes, the interest is high, never forget it! However, if you have a payment that is due and you do not have the amount required to pay it, then it is better to opt for a quick loan. Why? In this type of situation, it will cost you less to apply for a quick loan than to pay the costs of late payments.

  1. Speed


When you need money right away, fast loans become the best way to meet your needs. Usually, lenders give you a positive answer within 24 hours. Whereas if you are dealing with a banking institution, the delay is much longer. Banks and other institutions will have you fill out several forms. The procedure to be followed makes it possible to extend waiting times, without having the certainty that your loan will be accepted.

  1. Eligibility


If you need a quick loan and you have low credit, or even no credit, know that your chances of getting a loan at a financial institution are slim, if not void. Quick loans online do not require study or analysis of your credit history. The majority of lenders want to know mainly if you work and what is your monthly salary. These two conditions are often enough to judge your creditworthiness and be reassured about your ability to repay the loan or not.

  1. Flexibility


Fast loans leave you the freedom to spend your money as you wish. Once the amount borrowed is deposited in your account, you dispose of it as you wish. While if you take out a mortgage or a loan to buy a car, you will be limited to these two purchases only.

As you can see, a fast loan can easily make your life easier. This type of loan can obviously help you, from time to time, to pass through a temporary difficulty. As a result, it is sometimes preferable to a bank loan. However, in the event that you choose to do business with a banking institution, always take the time to check the conditions and terms associated with the loan, especially before signing the contract. Compare the different types of loans available and see which ones fit your needs. Thus, you will always make an informed choice!

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