ACE FREHLEY Cancels Summer 2022 European Tour ‘Due To Unforeseen Circumstances’

Original EMBRACE guitarist Ace Frehley reportedly canceled all of her previously announced Summer 2022 European festival appearances, including that of the Czech Republic masters of rock and UK steel festival.

Steelhouse promoters Mike and Max said in a statement: “We have been informed by Ace Frehleyto the representatives of that due to unforeseen circumstances on his part, he must cancel his entire European tour, including his participation in Steelhouse.”

The organizers of masters of rock issued a statement to the same effectsaying, “Unfortunately, we won’t see the original guitarist of the famous band EMBRACE and subsequently successful solo artist Ace Frehley at masters of rock This year! We are extremely sorry, but its management has canceled all of its scheduled summer shows in Europe. The changes are sometimes really unpredictable, as is the official reason for the cancellation of his show: “Due to unforeseen circumstances Ace FrehleyThe performance of has been cancelled.'”

In December 2020, Frehley Told Talking Metal Live that he would begin recording his next all-original album the following year. The disc will follow “Astronaut”which was published in October 2018 via eOne. At the time, he said that “I was writing from the start. Also, I have some tracks that I’ve already recorded that I need to review and decide if they have a chance to be on my new studio album. – [if they] need to be rewritten or [they’re] just fine the way they are,” he explained. “And I have people constantly sending me song ideas… So little by little, it’s an ongoing process, and it evolves as it goes. as you go.”

Earlier in 2020, Frehley said in Canada iHeart Radio that he had “only written about three songs” for his next album, and he added that they were “unfinished”. He said, “Now that I’m [living] on the East coast [after moving to New Jersey from Southern California]my engineer only lives an hour from me, Alex Salzmanwho worked a lot with me on this last album, and he also played bass a lot, so it’s going to be even easier, ‘Origins Vol. 3’ and the next [original] registration.”

Frehleythe latest version of was “Origins Vol. 2”the sequel to his collection of covers from 2016 that inspired the former EMBRACE guitarist.

“Origins Vol. 2” featured cover versions of THE BEATLES“I am downstairs”, DARK PURPLEit is “Space Trucking”, ZEPPELIN LEDit is “Good Times Bad Times”, THE ROLLING STONES“Jumpin’ Jack Flash”, THE LOSS“Lola” and THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCEit is “Manic Depression”, among others. A cover of 1975 EMBRACE adjust “She” also appeared as a bonus track. Guests on set included CHEAP TIPit is Robin Zander, Lita Ford and old EMBRACE guitarist Bruce Kulick.

EMBRACE bassist/singer Gene Simmons co-wrote two titles on “Astronaut”, “Without you I am nothing” and “Your wishes are orders”the latter also comprising Simmonsplays bass.

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