Anselmo wants to make an album with vocals inspired by Rob Halford

There’s no doubt that Judas Priest’s Rob Halford has one of the most incredible vocal ranges in metal, so much so that Philip Anselmo is hoping to channel it on a new “old school” metal album he hopes to make.

The former Pantera frontman discussed his new musical projects during a chat with The Hardcore Chronicles of New York Live! from his home in Louisiana.

“I just got a new studio set up next door, and we’re working on all kinds of bugs and so on. So I say to my guy… my engineer, my main guy – the studio heavyweight champion. ‘next – I told him, I said, “Just program the drums, man. Give me drums, give me a different drum beat every day – optimistic, pessimistic, whatever. Give me something,'” the singer said.

“So I walk in, there’s a drumbeat, and I pick up any instrument and go right there. And it’s some of the worst music you could ever imagine. I don’t know I’m so close, man – I’m so close. I feel something. We’ll see what it is. I have a few options. I don’t know, man. If it’s going to be metal, I wanna do it the old fashioned way, man. I feel more like Halford lately, man, vocally, just singing, using my range again. So, we’ll see. It must be good.

Watch the full conversation below.

Anselmo’s last album was from 2018 Choosing mental illness as a virtue, but since then he has toured across the United States with his band The Illegals. As for what’s to come later this year, the singer has a few gigs planned with Down, starting with an appearance at the Welcome to Rockville festival in May. See the rest of the dates here.

Philip Anselmo wants to make an ‘Old School’ metal album with vocals inspired by Rob Halford

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