Carl Cox finally announces his first album in 10 years with new single “How It Makes You Feel”

DJ legend Carl Cox finally reveals details of this brand new artist album, ‘Electronic Generations’, his first record in over 10 years – out September 16th via BMG.

With the announcement also comes another new track release, ‘How does it make you feel‘ with Nicole Moudaber, out now. This techno juggernaut is the album’s second “pre-mixed” release, following the lead single, “Acid speed tests‘ earlier this year – a collaboration with his friend and fellow DJ fat thin boy.

With its relentless synth tracks and pounding melodies, ‘How does it make you feel‘ levitates in a relentless percussive frenzy, before a high-octane breakdown crowns the hardcore techno house hybrid sound. It’s another bold statement from the king of techno and another exciting taste of his upcoming new album ‘Electronic generations.’

How does it make you feel” it’s the second time carl and Nicholas collaborated, following their acclaimed release in 2014′See you next Tuesday.’ Nicole first caught Carl’s eye when she signed to his label Intec Folders in 2009. Since then, the couple have become good friends. Carl invited Nicole to remix his own track’Chemistry‘ in 2011 and Nicole has performed alongside Carl at countless festivals and clubs, including his Carl Cox and Friends the festival stages and Carl’s history Space Ibiza residence. When the opportunity arose to collaborate again, neither of them hesitated.

Carl: “In the darkness of today’s techno, I wanted to create something more upbeat. So the original is a fairly easy track to enjoy, it’s very bubbly and bouncy. But with this new release, Nicole has done a very dark twisted reimagining. It’s now epic techno, which you have to play from start to finish to get the full experience. It takes you on a journey, and it gets stronger and stronger with its twists.

Nicole is a genius. She’s able to pick up on my original concept which maybe isn’t quite the kind of record she would make, but she likes a challenge and she set the bar high and ran away. I think she did a wonderful job with this one.

Nicole: “When Carl asked me to collaborate again, this time on one of his new album tracks, I knew that track had to provide that powerful energy and rhythm that we always bring when we play. “HOW IT MAKES YOU FEEL” has caused a stir on dance floors around the world, so I’m thrilled to finally be able to release this monster track!

Ignited by an internal combustion engine fueled by raw emotion, Nicole Moudaber is one of the most iconic and hardworking contemporary artists in the techno world. Its global reach VIBE the empire led to Nicholas cared for In the mood the stages of the festival during the biggest events in the world: Electric Daisy Carnival (New York, Las Vegas and Orlando), the Californian escapeand BPM-Festival (Mexico and Portugal) and she has performed in every possible clubbing institution including DC-10 in Ibiza, London’s superclub Fabricfrom New York Productionand a long list of clubs on several continents, including North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

From the birth of dance music culture to the global force that is electronic music today, carl has been a leading innovator every step of the way,’Electronic generations‘ is the next step on this journey and the start of an exciting new chapter as an album recording artist with GMB.

Featuring a fusion of Carl’s unique live electronic sound, the epic 17-track ‘Electronic generations‘ is the result of Carl’s mind-blowing hybrid live sets that he has successfully presented over the past few years. Anyone who has attended one of these shows will have seen Carl in his element, remixing, producing and creating music while he performs.

With the first lockdown, Carl finally had time to focus on recording that sound and spent months in his Melbourne studio creating music and experimenting as a live electronic artist. The result is Carl Cox at its best, a tour de force to which we feel that it has given everything. It’s a glimpse into the heart and soul of a very established and highly regarded artist who, after a 30-year career, is still eager to take bold risks and create something entirely new.

Carl Cox: “I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to share this album. As a live artist and DJ, I play all over the world and see people enjoying the shared experience of being together and dancing I collected all the stuff I learned from watching these crowds, added my sound and tried to give you a real electronic music experience.

Carl Cox has always been at the top of his game. An acid house veteran and pioneer of British rave culture deeply embedded in the fabric of electronic music history, his ever-evolving sound and relentless energy make him one of the most in-demand DJs on the planet. . A musical ambassador, a dance music pioneer, a label owner, a three-turntable magician, the king of Ibiza – you name it, Carl has been there and done it, never losing sight of his passions – playing music, breaking tunes and celebrating life. 2021 saw Carl publish his very first autobiography Oh yes oh yes which topped the charts and received acclaim from the press everywhere.

Electronic generations‘ is outside September 16 Going through GMB. The digital version of the album also comes with a second volume of pre-remixes, including new track ‘How does it make you feel‘ with Nicole MoudaberDeep Space X‘ with John Atkins and ‘Acid speed tests‘ with fat thin boy.

Listen to the track below.

Pre-order/register ‘Electronic Generations’ here.

Electronic Generations Track List:

1) Electronic Generations (El Rancho Mix)
2) How does it make you feel
3) Our time will come
4) Caution
5) Toys out of the pram
6) Bring it back
7) Deep Space X
8) Lokma
9) Keep the pressure on
10) Go after that
11) Line lock
12) The world has gone mad
13) Speed ​​tests on acid
14) Move the crowd
15) The beings of Apollo
16) See the sun rise
17) Resumption of electronic generations

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