Dewa 19’s Andra Ramadan Drops New Single “You’re Not Alone” As NFT

Andra Ramadhan, Indonesian songwriter and lead guitarist of Dewa 19, has announced a new single, “You’re Not Alone”, which he will release as a non-fungible token (NFT).

The single was released on streaming platforms and as an NFT on the music royalty sharing platform NFT netra live today, April 14. Buyers of the NFT will receive a share of the royalties from the single’s broadcast rights, with Ramadhan himself retaining half ownership of the single’s royalties.

Listen to “You’re Not Alone” below.

Ramadhan formed Dewa 19 in 1986 with classmates Ahmad Dhani, Erwin Prasetya and Wawan Juniarso. The band has become one of Indonesia’s most popular and enduring bands, releasing eight studio albums and winning numerous awards.

The band’s lineup changed several times, including a revolving door of former singers who worked with the band on a permanent and temporary basis, including Pamungkas, Virzha and Once Mekel. The current version of Dewa 19 recently added singer Marcello Tahitoe to its ranks from February 28 this year before releasing “Juliette”, their first new music in 12 years, just two weeks ago on April 1.

Dewa 19 had also re-released his 2004 track “Hadapi Dengan Senyuman” a few days earlier, featuring Virzha’s vocals at the center of the track. “Hadapi Dengan Senyuman” was dropped from the album “Laskar Cinta”, which was the last album the band released under the Dewa name before changing its name to Dewa 19.

Ramadhan has also released five solo albums with Andra and The Backbone, his three-way rock band consisting of DeadSquad guitarist Stevie and former Hai Magazine journalist Dedy Lisan. In 2019 he released the single “Love Is The Essence of Life” with fellow guitarists Denny Chasmala and Zendhy Kusuma.

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