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David Jon Gilmour, English musician, guitarist, singer and composer, is 75 years old. He is also a humanitarian who cares deeply about issues such as climate change, animal rights and homelessness. He is best known for his work with Pink Floyd as guitarist and co-lead vocalist. He is one of the fifteen greatest guitarists of all time, according to Rolling Stone magazine. A career in music is risky business, but David Gilmour’s bet paid off.


Gilmour is an English musician born in the city of Cambridge. Douglas Gilmour was a lecturer in zoology at the University of Cambridge, and Sylvia (née Wilson) was a teacher and film editor who raised her family in Grantchester Meadows, which was later immortalized in a Roger Waters song on Ummagumma by Pink Floyd.

The musical ability of Gilmour and his siblings was nurtured by their parents. Peter Gilmour, Gilmour’s younger brother, has been a guitarist for a bit longer than him.

Gilmour went to The Perse School on Hills Road in Cambridge, which he “didn’t enjoy” but where he met future Pink Floyd guitarist and vocalist Syd Barrett, and bassist and vocalist Roger Waters, both went to Cambridge shire High School for Boys, also on Hills Road. Bill Haley’s “Rock Around the Clock” was the first single purchased by Gilmour in 1954.

Gilmour’s first guitar, a Tatay, was given to him by a neighbor when he was 13, and he began learning to play with Pete Seeger’s book and records.

He went to Cambridge Technical College with Syd Barrett in September 1962 to study Modern Languages ​​at A-Level.

Gilmour will eventually become a fluent French speaker, even though he hasn’t completed the language course. Barrett often called Gilmour “Fred” because they spent their lunches together practicing guitar.

Gilmour started playing with the band Jokers Wild in 1962, which he left in 1967, and they were not yet members of the band.

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Early career period

David Gilmour was a member of a blues-rock band in the early 1960s, but the band never had a hit. Gilmour returned to London after his gear was stolen in France while touring with another blues-rock band. He went to see Pink Floyd record a song when he arrived. Syd Barrett’s mental state was deteriorating by this point, and although he had been good friends with Gilmour in college, he did not acknowledge him.

david gilmour net worth

Gilmour was originally supposed to play guitar for Syd Barrett while continuing to contribute to the band in other ways, such as songwriting. Barrett’s unpredictable behavior ultimately proved too much for the band to tolerate, and Gilmour took full responsibility.

With albums like The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Wall and The Final Cut, Pink Floyd was able to achieve huge commercial success over the next few years. Gilmour and Waters had a falling out after this last album, prompting Gilmour to release his first solo album. Gilmour continued to create successful solo albums throughout the ensuing decade.

Roger Waters left the group in 1985, allowing Gilmour to take the reins and bring the surviving members forward. A Momentary Lapse of Reason, their first post-Waters album, was released in 1987.

The Division Bell, a 1994 album by the band, was released. The members of Pink Floyd have collectively earned over $250 million from The Division Bell Tour.

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Solo career

The negative energy generated in the band during the recording of The Wall, the movie and The Final Cut led to Gilmour’s solo career, which lasted until the 2010s About Face in 1985’s On an Island in 2006 and Rattle That Rock in 2015 were all successful studio albums for Gilmour.

Intrepid Aviation

Gilmour created Intrepid Aviation to house his collection of vintage aircraft. It was a method for Gilmour to pursue a personal interest, but the company had a strong financial track record. Since the business had become more of a business than a passion, Gilmour ended up selling it for an unknown sum.

Song credits:

It should be noted that, with a few notable exceptions, pink floyd distributes their income equally among all band members.

Despite not contributing much to the songwriting process (by Gilmour’s own admission), Waters “awarded” Gilmour several songwriting credits on the album.

guitar sales

Gilmour was well known for his vast collection of guitars, said to number in the hundreds. Gilmour’s popular guitars were sold at auction in Los Angeles in 2019, but only for a short time.
Gilmour raised around $21.5 million at the auction, which was more than he had expected. The Black Stratocaster, one of his most famous guitars, sold for $3.9 million at auction, making it one of the most expensive guitars in the world.
The White Stratocaster, another of his well-known guitars, sold for $1.8 million at auction. His net worth has increased significantly as a result. Gilmour, on the other hand, has donated all of the proceeds from his guitar sales to environmental organizations.

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Love relationship

david gilmour net worth

Virginia Hasenbein, an American model, married David Gilmour in 1975. Prior to their divorce, they had four children together. Polly Samsonan author, was married to David Gilmour in 1994. After that, the couple had three children and adopted a fourth.

Net worth and real estate of David Jon Gilmour

David Jon Gilmour’s net worth is estimated to be over $180 million. His net worth rose dramatically with the sale of his west London home in 2002. Gilmour bought the house for £300,000 and sold it 20 years later for £4.5 million. He did, however, contribute the funds to an organization to help the homeless.

Gilmour also sold his Greek mansion for $1.5 million in 2014. Gilmour’s mansion in Greece went up for sale in 2014 for $1.5 million, according to reports. The estate would be 5,000 square meters in size, with stunning beach and mountain views.

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