From guitarist to band owner

Wirts “Hardnut” Katogo

IT is often true that a person can improve by learning from others because we cannot teach ourselves everything. With the help of others, one can grow and even become famous.

Born in Mutoko before coming to Chitungwiza, Wirts “Hardnut” Katogo always dreamed of playing the guitar.

His dream was realized by Aaron Marongedza who didn’t wait for the zealous boy to grow up to teach him how to play the guitar.

In 2002, at the age of 15, Hardnut was already strumming the guitar.

From 2007 to this year, Hardnut played guitar for different artists before deciding to form his own band which he titled Nungu Express.

Talk to NewsDay Life & Stylethe 35-year-old guitarist said he was grateful to have worked with established artists from whom he took some notes.

“Before creating my group this year, I worked with several artists who helped me become who I am today. In 2007, I worked with Ozama Power. I then joined Innocent Mujintu and then Patrick Mafudza the same year,” Katongo said.

“I’ve also worked with famous rhythmist Zacharia ‘Zaka Zaka’ Zacharia, Francis ‘Franco Slomo’ Dhaka, Mark Ngwazi, Tapfumanei Muchabaiwa and also Pretoria based artist Rassel Chigora.”

Hardnut added that during all those stints he learned new things, including playing lead guitar and composing songs.

This experience gave him the courage and resolve to start his own band and he appreciates the lessons he learned from each one.

“With my new band at the moment I started to organize shows and for the first time I played at Ziko Porcupine Club Pisa Pisa, Madangure,” said Hardnut.

“I have faith that I’m growing because this whole musical journey has been rooted in passion, so I believe my passion will continue to blossom.”

The guitarist said he was still getting lessons from legendary artists, adding that he was in no mood to give up on his dream just yet as he strived to keep working hard and learning.

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