God Forbid Reunion Lineup Will Include Guitarist Ex-As I Lay Dying

God Forbid, the New Jersey-based metalcore band with guitarist Doc Coyle (now of Bad Wolves), will be playing their first reunion gig later this year and it has just been confirmed that the former As I Lay guitarist Dying Nick Hipa will join the roster.

The news came straight from Coyle, who shared a message on Twitter with a photo of him and Hipa, each with a guitar in their hands.

“The cat is out of the bag,” Coyle writes, “People have been asking relentlessly if he’ll be playing 2nd guitar for the God Forbid reunion. We’ve been keeping it a secret but I’m proud to announce our good friend @ yesTHEnickhipa ex-As I Lay Dying, as a guitarist.”

In August 2021, Hipa announced their release from As I Lay Dying after reconnecting in 2018 when the band reunited, contributing to the metalcore icons’ 2019 album. Shaped by fire, the fifth album of which it was a part. In a lengthy statement, he revealed he had “distanced” himself from the band on a “personal” and “professional” level for more than a year before going public with the news.

“Respectfully, I left because the story and meaning on which we built our reunion has deteriorated significantly over time. What mostly endures is a superficial pursuit that I cannot justify supporting or being a part of. “, reads another part of the announcement.

Hipa now completes Coyle, Byron Davis (vocals), Corey Pierce (drums) and John “Beeker” Outcalt (bass) in the reunited God Forbid, which will play its first comeback show at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival in September later this year.

God Forbid was founded in 1996 and released their debut album, Reject the diseasein 1999. Five more albums followed, including the remarkable 2005 IV: Constitution of Treasonbefore the band broke up in 2013.

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