Gojira Releases Anthemic New Single, “Our Time Is Now”

Time and time again, Gojira stand out as one of the most outstanding and versatile bands in modern metal. Let it be their melodic metal masterpiece of 2021 Couragewhich earned them their 2nd grammy nomination, or their 2005 progressive death metal opus From Mars to Sirius, much of Gojira’s success can certainly be attributed to their widespread appeal. Today, however, marks the release of the group’s first new single since 2021. Courageand just like their last LP, the new track fuses their brilliant sense of heavy riff writing and melodic choruses.

“Our Time Is Now” is Gojira’s latest single, and it just so happens to be one of many rock-oriented tracks featured on this year’s new NHL video game, NHL 23. While the band has been more melodic in the past two album cycles, “Our Time Is Now” stands out as their most anthemic and direct track to date. And that’s not to say the track doesn’t pack any punches, in fact, it actually features the most complex guitar solo the band has ever done, as well as a very Sabbath-Doom inspired finale. The anthemic chorus and simplistic riff writing work well, especially in the context of a AAA video game where players might not be as exposed to heavy music.

Overall, “Our Time Is Now” is another great Gojira track. It features the same immaculate production of their eclectic masterpiece Courage (both of which were mixed by the legendary Andy Wallace), and more importantly, it’s a great starting point for new listeners to the band who may not appreciate the more extreme side of Gojira or heavy music in general.

However, as far as long-time Gojira fans are concerned, many might be wondering if this new track signals that a new album or EP is in the works. I would definitely bet the answer to that question is no, at least not any time soon. Courage is just over a year old and according to the trend of Gojira’s album/touring cycles, it usually takes 3-5 years between the release of new studio albums. Not counting their supporting tour for Deftones last spring, it’s also worth mentioning that Gojira has only completed a full tour of North America and Europe since Couragethe exit. I think it’s more than likely that Gojira will have another headlining or co-headlining tour before starting production on another album or EP.

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