‘It was downright music theft’: Jennifer Lopez accused of ruining careers of prominent artists like Usher, Ashanti after claiming she stole their songs

Jennifer Lopez is a household name who has established herself as one of the most influential women in the world. From her acting career to her musical journey, she has always been immersed in controversy. Outside of her relationships, she’s made a name for herself in the music industry, but not for good reasons!

American actress and singer Jennifer Lopez

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After creating her presence in the acting industry, she continued to gain notoriety by establishing herself in the music industry. While many would call her hardworking and talented, what you might be missing are the allegations that engulfed the star like fire! She was allegedly accused of stealing or borrowing his songs for several years. She used songs from top artists to create her glamorous music career with diva-shaded musicians like Ashanti and Usher.

Jennifer Lopez accused of stealing Usher’s song

American singer Usher accused Jennifer Lopez of stealing his song
American singer Usher accused Jennifer Lopez of stealing his song

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In 2005, J.Lo released her fourth studio album, Renaissance, which received mixed reviews from critics.

However, the Get right song from this album was widely praised by many and grabbed immediate attention upon its release. According to reports, Usher, 43, was then furious with the pop star and accused her of using his play.

Around that time, he shared how the actress-singer took to her piece and made a name for herself in the industry.

“I hate it, but I better get some of the publishing rights, otherwise. I didn’t put it on my album because I couldn’t get it right. But I didn’t expect J.Lo to take it.

According to the latter, Get right was his song with the title, Strolland said he put it aside while recording his then-recent album, confession. He also mentioned that his song was available on the internet claiming that the actress’ song was just a re-recorded version of his song, Stroll.

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Ashanti called out J.Lo for using her voice in her hit songs

American singer-actress Ashanti
American singer-actress Ashanti

In the 2000s, the Selena star was accused of using Ashanti’s vocals for her hit song, i am real. The 42-year-old singer also revealed that she wrote the Isn’t it funny remix. He shared that the i am real song was intended for the latter’s eponymous debut album.

However, Gotti, who signed the latter to his Murda Inc label, gave the song to Lopez which was recorded with Ashanti’s vocals. According to reports, the Foolish The singer recorded a demo track for the first song which ended up in the final version.

For the second song, she wrote the parts but was never appreciated for her contribution to both songs. The topic surfaced again last year when she opened up about how one should receive their share for their contribution. She stated,

“You should always care about credit for what you do, no matter what industry you’re in, it’s really important to give credit.”

She finally got her credit for the two songs she did for Jennifer Lopez.

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