Korn guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch’s Love and Death project enlists Lacey Sturm for ‘Let Me Love You’ video

CORN guitarist Brian “Head” Welch‘s LOVE AND DEATH side project has released the official music video for “Let me Love You”, a favorite cover of fans of DJ Serpent and Justin bieberthe smash hit of, featuring a powerful singer Lacey sturm, formerly of COVER PAGE. Watch the clip below.

Welsh commented : “‘Let me Love You’ was one of my favorite tracks to cover. It’s so nice for me to do a super heavy pop song! Having three singers on the track was also unique and I love the way mine, Laced and JRthe voices of mingle.

“When I asked Laced to do the song with us, I had no idea what the lyrics would mean to her at the time. After finding out what she was going through, my main hope with the song was that Laced would find healing, and that healing could extend to anyone in difficulty in life who has heard the trail. The “never give up” message that directors Sebastien Paquet and Alison roberto worked hard to convey in the clip deeply reflected some of the conversations Laced and I had the backstage, without any of the directors knowing the conversations, so we were really blown away by that and we’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished here with this song and this video. Art is so much more powerful than you think. “

Sturm adds: “Working with LOVE AND DEATH on ‘Let me Love You’ was kind of a supernatural experience. I was mourning the loss of a loved one when I recorded the song. Grieving is a multi-faceted process and comes in waves of sorts. They asked me to do the song at a very dark time in this process. When I went to sing in the studio, the lyrics were all I wanted to sing and scream in response to this death; that looked like such a flight.

“Sometimes death is beautiful and sometimes it’s a thief. I know people who have died of overdose, alcoholism, suicide – yes – but I also know so many people who have overcome these things and do this. history their own effect of hope and life. Brian and I’ve both been through stories like that, overcoming suicide and addiction. For Bieber to sing ‘Let me Love You’ is inspiring in a way maybe, but for Brian shout it out and shout it out by his side against so many struggling people – it’s like I have to believe that people can overcome the despair I was tempted to embrace. The same thing happened when I made the video. I needed it. Just then. It was as if the author of life loved me while death tried to suffocate me. I must let God love me through this sacred echo of a song. I am so grateful. “

“Let me Love You” is taken LOVE AND DEATHthe last album of, “Perfectly preserved”, which arrived in February via Earaches files.

“Perfectly preserved” is described in a press release as “a comprehensive but accessible follow-up, motivated by the spiritual resilience inherent in the first disc, combined with an even more vivid description of the actual struggle.” Anger, broken relationships, declining self-esteem, and the collision of optimistic values ​​with oppressive systems are all on display, from the startling refrains of “The tragedy”, “Death of us” and “Affliction” to the daring and conquering hymn of “White flag”.

The group started out with raw, genuine emotional honesty similar to what led to Welsh with multiplatinum and Grammy Award– winning heights as a co-founder of pioneers of the genre CORN. Forged as an outlet for restoration and redemption in a season of change, the creation of LOVE AND DEATH resulted in the first powerful and dynamic 2013 “Between here and lost”. The album spoke clearly to the hearts of equally disenfranchised fans around the world.

“Perfectly preserved” marks the introduction of the guitarist, bassist and co-composer Jasen rauch as a full member of the group, as well as second producer for LOVE AND DEATH (co-produced by Joe rickard). Jasen, best known as an integral part of the chart-topping rockers BREAK BENJAMIN, product LOVE AND DEATHdebut album of 2013. The duo first met a year or two after the release of Leadthe solo album of, “Save me from myself” (2008). Like Lead experimented with synthesizers, it was Rauch who encouraged him to pick up his guitar and produce new riffs.

LOVE AND DEATH load in this new chapter with a definitive range, which sees Lead and Jasen side by side with the band’s original guitarist, JR Bareis, also on vocals and guitar, and powerful drummer Isaiah Perez. It was a perfect storm of friendship and creativity, as they all worked on the album in Nashville, Los Angeles, and Chicago, for several years.

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