Learn the ten levels of melodic death metal with THE HALO EFFECT guitarist NICLAS ENGELIN

Calling all budding melodic death metal guitar heroes: Have you ever wanted to test your skill level against the best? How do you think you’ll hold on? Think you’re good enough to play alongside Nicolas Engelin (ex-In fire, The Halo effect). Well, Nik nocturnal– a Toronto, ON metal solo artist and YouTuber did this recently, and the video above offers a tiered skill ladder, which looks like this:

  • Level 1 – Avoid hitting only OOs
  • Level 2 – Angry Octaves
  • Level 3 – Open String Lead
  • Level 4 – Main Harmonies
  • Level 5 – Don’t forget the synth
  • Level 6 – Octave Harmonies & Riffs
  • Level 8 – 7-9-10…
  • Level 9 – Harmonic Minor
  • Level 10 – Tremolo Picking

Naturally, there is a bonus level, level 11: Epic Solo Time (duh!) You can watch more Nightthe videos of herewhere he creates a wide range of content including reviews, covers, meme content and his own original metal music.

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As for The Halo effectthey will release their first album days of loss August 12. Pre-orders are available here. For those who don’t know, The Halo effect is entirely ex-In fire members. They are guitarists Jesper Strömblad and Nicolas Engelinbass player Pierre Iwersdrummer Daniel Svenssonand singer Mikael Stannewas In fire‘ singer live in 1994 and performed on both Lunar strain and Underground.

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