Los Angeles singer-songwriter Teddy Grossman releases his debut album

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Teddy Grossman released his highly anticipated debut album, Soon Come, which was to last a lifetime. Although he was always a music lover and creator, pursuing a career in music was put on the back burner. After a decade of his own music playing second fiddle to a traveling salesman’s life, Grossman picked it all up and moved to Los Angeles, where he soon began recording what would become Soon Come, leaving behind his work and his former life along the way. . Listen now.

The ever-moving singer-songwriter is like a man who has traveled many paths, only to return for good to where he always belonged. “I need to be able to look back on my life and say I really tried.” That relentless perseverance, that boundless passion of Grossman – all of which is a big part of why the multi-talented artist has finally arrived at this moment, his moment, which pours out via his cerebral, sublimely centered songs – the kind that speaks of ‘years of hard-won wisdom and, well, maybe a little luck.

With the reaction to Grossman’s first single offerings on the album, it seems that combination of luck and wisdom has come full circle. “I had this impossible goal to follow Music From Big Pink and Voodoo as the northern star of this record,” Grossman explains. Between gospel and blues and rock and folk and Appalachian and soul and R&B, his early singles won over fans and media Golden State called the single “Out Of Thin Air,” “a hot glass of rye whiskey in your hand for as you digest your meal and watch the Lions lose another game.”

Soultracks said “‘Ready,” “features an artist who is more than ready to make his mark on the music world,” and Under the Radar compared “Giving Up” to the classic soul of Bill Withers and Otis Redding. , saying the song “sports universal pop appeal, with gospel choruses and a notable climactic sax solo bringing the track to a singing climax.” The debut singles garnered over a million streams and charted on Spotify playlists such as Mellow Morning, Retro Soul and Morning Commute, and Acoustic Chill, Long Walk, Smooth Easy, Breaking R&B and New playlists. in R&B from Apple Music, seeing him alongside artists like Leon Bridges, Yola, Lee Fields, Zella Day Brandi Carlile etc.

Accompanying these narcotics are some of Grossman’s most storied songs, which were recorded for the album, including “Crowned”, a song that was born out of an unlikely friendship with iconic singer-songwriter Bill Withers towards the end of the legend’s life. After a chance meeting one night in 2018 at a little Bill Withers tribute concert in Los Angeles, Grossman and his musical collaborator and longtime drummer Josh Teitelbaum reunited at Withers for some inspired suspensions. The song chronicles Bill’s incredible life, referencing a line Withers kept saying as he ran his fingers through his hair during their time together – “I’m crowned with glory.” “Why Should I Pretend?”, probably the most personal and poignant song on the album was first written by Grossman’s grandfather, Buddy, in the 1930s. It was recorded later that decade by jazz icon Louis Prima and his New Orleans gang. Grossman even plays his childhood instrument, the trumpet on the song, as a tribute to his late grandfather.

“For a long time in my life, I felt this low-level buzz in the background that I wasn’t really where I was supposed to be,” Grossman says. Soon Come, then, he says, “is ultimately a record about hope, and a deep knowing that we’re going to get there…all in good time.”

Teddy will perform an album release show in Los Angeles at Gold Diggers on April 13. Ticket information is HERE.

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