Mike Shinoda is tired of artists being forced to be on social media

Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda is one of many musicians currently speaking out about the pressure artists are under to create content on social media. The musician thinks it would be better to spend his time creating music than generating videos for social media.

Shinoda, who is one of the greatest artists of Tic, recently tweeted, “I’m sick of hearing musicians say they don’t invest enough energy in social media content.” He continued the thread on Twitter saying that every artist he speaks with feels that way. “They say they spend way too much time making small videos to support their careers, but they wish they could spend more time making and playing music,” he explains.

He then wonders, “How can a young artist dedicate enough time to excel at their craft when they have to feed all these channels of content? The time they spend generating mind-numbing ‘content’ may have been at the expense of the best song they’ve ever written.”

Shinoda’s Twitter thread has over 5,000 likes and 600 retweets.

Other artists such as Halsey have also spoken on the issue. Much of the discussion about this came after she created a TikTok (which went viral) that says her label won’t let her release a song she likes until they create a fake viral moment on TikTok. Despite selling 165 million records, the so-called directive was imposed. She goes on to say, “It’s all marketing. And they do that to pretty much every artist these days” and that she just wants to release music and she “deserves better”.

Other musicians who have also spoken about how much they hate the pressure put on them to create TikToks include FKA Twigs, Florence + The Machine’s Florence Welch, and Ed Sheeran. sound louder reports that Twigs says she was reprimanded by her record company for not trying hard enough on TikTok.

Welch posted a TikTok with the caption, “The label begs me for ‘low fi tik toks’ so here goes. Please send help.” And Ed Sheeran made a TikTok of him eating snacks that said, “When you’re supposed to do promos for your song, but you really want a snack and you decide that eating a snack might be promo for a song because everyone likes snacks.”

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