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Shivam Lohia (25) from Model Town recalls that without his father’s passion for music, Lohia might not have been who he is today. Encouraged by his father – who even bought him his first guitar – to take up music as a hobby, Lohia started playing the instrument at the age of 13. aspect of my life”, shares the singer-songwriter-guitarist.
Often recognized by his “Percussive Strings” Instagram handle, Lohia has, over the years, found his niche in the indie music space with his percussive guitar style. His latest release, Her, is a moving rendition that speaks to the emotions one feels after a breakup. Produced by Delhi-based producer Kartik Ahuja, the song features the groovy strings of Lohia alongside the smooth vocals of Manipur singer John Oinam. In this week’s Soundscape, we talk to Lohia about her songwriting process, creating Her, and more.


What does your songwriting process look like?
Creating a song is sharing a part of my life. You can’t create a good song without being honest. I have always been considered a guitarist before a composer. However, I see myself as a songwriter before a guitarist. It usually starts with a little riff for me; I keep playing until something comes to me. All you need is a little base to get started and find the initial sound and vibe. Starting is the hardest part, not finishing it.

Explain to us the creation of Elle and your thoughts in writing it?
Not being a singer, I thought it would be difficult to express your own emotions through someone else’s voice. However, creating it proved that it was not impossible. I finished writing the song in 2018, but it took over three years to build everything around it, from a perfect mix to an animated video. I wanted the final sound to reflect my growth as a musician and justify my years of effort put into making it.

Tell us about the making of the video for the song…
I had always dreamed of one day having my own animated music video and I am happy that I was able to make this dream come true with the help of animator, illustrator and creative designer Daniel Fuscella from Brazil. Despite the language barrier, Daniel and I worked for months to create a visual storyline for the song using a translator, as his native language is Portuguese.

Something interesting you’re working on next?
Even though I had worked rigorously on this version for the past three years, I continued to write new stories and old stories along the way. I have so much to share in the months ahead. You can expect new collaborations with well-known artists from the indie scene.

‘Her’ by Shivam Lohia streaming on all major platforms

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