Music artist “Jezy” is as creative as it gets…

JEZY this and JEZY that. Whether it’s JEZY Music, JEZY Products, JEZY Ninjas, JEZY Models, JEZY Facts or JEZY Memes. He always finds ways to stay on the mark at all times. He even took it to another level by transforming his 2019 Toyota Camry XSE into a JEZY-mobile. Dotted with a combination of black and white stickers created at their home. JEZY and her life partner Jessica have found so many ways to stay in everyday life. The JEZY-mobile is just one example among many.

Let’s talk about business! JEZY music is a music and merchandise company. The music he creates is totally different from the mainstream. Normally, when people come in contact with something new or different, it’s immediately a negative response. JEZY’s style is different. The topics he chooses to address in his music are refreshingly different. He knows he has something special and refuses to let doubters alter his goals and purpose. “If people don’t like my music, I ask why? I want to know why I did not communicate with them. How could I improve? Then, I thank them for their comments and wish them a good day.

JEZY does “Clean Rap”. In case you’ve never heard of it, it’s rap with no explicit content. So naturally I asked why he chose to do clean rap music? He said; “I have a 4 year old who loves every song I make. Everything has to be clean for him to listen and sing! It starts with My son, then his friends and their parents and so on, JEZY is all about family. That’s one of the things that makes JEZY special. He’s doing something that not many rappers do; He’s starting a wave of something so transcendent that he’s making it ‘The Next Thing’. Just like Steph Curry shooting three from the logo on a half court. JEZY is still paving the way for clean rap. He just released his new album “ANXIETY” on March 25, 2022. The melodic hook and relatable song will definitely make you move in ways you wouldn’t think you would by that title, but you do. When asked what made him do “ANXIETY,” he replied, “We’re all faced with anxiety. Some of us everyday, like me. I thought I could bring more awareness and strength to those who needed help. It’s definitely a song you should add to your playlist. He has been releasing songs every 2 months for a year and has continued to release quality records since his latest EP SECOND CHANCE.

Now let’s talk about this trendy JEZY merchandise. It is obvious. These two know how to market their brand. Every time you purchase a JEZY product, you instantly become a JEZY model, which means; if you take a photo wearing the product and send it to JEZY, he then places this photo on all his social platforms and tags you! JEZY took branding to the next level when it introduced its JEZY ninjas. It is basically JEZY supporters in different parts of CANADA and USA who network and push the JEZY brand. They are also rewarded with FREE products with the custom ninja silhouette on the back of the JEZY shirt. JEZY and Jessica’s goals are to make the brand one of the most recognizable brands in the world. All while making impactful music for young people and all listeners across the demographic. They are also working on a JEZY show based on pedagogical learning like; “clean up time”, “foods my body likes”, “how to brush my teeth”, etc.) Educational clean rap, can you believe it!? It’s still in the early stages of development, but they continue to show a willingness to keep learning new things while expanding their knowledge and constantly finding ways to improve. It’s this tenacious mindset that makes them think they can conquer any goal they create.

Instagram is its most attractive platform with a wide variety of content! Flooded with JEZY Merch, Ninjas, Models, Facts, Memes and Music to keep his followers fully engaged. I asked him what his theory was with the intense branding and he said; “Well, if someone doesn’t like my music, I wonder if they would like the merchandising? What about the facts? Maybe a JEZY meme instead! I’m sure you’ll find my content interesting in some way Positive vibes and using the law of probability to draw everyone in. JEZY is a different breed and he is determined to get where he wants to be…and that , it’s in all YOUR heads!

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