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On June 24, Luke Combs will release his third studio album, Growing up. Along with recent releases “Doin’ This”, “The Kind of Love We Make” and “Tomorrow Me”, the album also includes a duet with Miranda Lambert on “Outrunnin’ Your Memory”.

The collaboration came shortly after Combs and songwriter Dan Isbell were writing with another artist and came up with the idea for a lyric, “When it Rains in Seattle.” Although the song didn’t work out for this artist, Combs had a writing session with Lambert the next day, and they ended up creating a new song based on the general idea of ​​”When it Rains in Seattle”.


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Combs recently said Billboard‘s Tetris Kelly from the collaboration, “When me and Miranda were brainstorming song ideas, I found myself on this ‘When it rains in Seattle’ thing, and she was like, ‘I love that idea’.”

Isbell joined them for the session to complete the new song, which became “Outrunnin’ Your Memory”.

On his upcoming third studio album, Growing up, Combs again worked with Chip Matthews and Jonathan Singleton. He says working with them on the new album hasn’t been “dramatically different”. He adds: “The goal has always been to have fun. Working with Chip and Jonathan has been really great. We joke a lot, we laugh a lot in there, but we also have fun. We want it to be the best possible. »

Combs adds that the new album will feature subject matter that reflects where he is in life right now.

“I’ve been almost married for two years now, so my life has changed quite a bit. I’m about to have a child and there are songs that I don’t think would have been on my other albums. I think that’s the main difference. I always want to be the guy who goes out and has fun and puts on a great show. This is of the utmost importance to me, but there are also things that have become more important that I was not aware of or even able to understand until it started to happen.

Combs also named his own “Mount Rushmore” of favorite artists who influenced his music, which would feature Vince Gill, Eric Church and Elton John. “Billy Joel would like [also] be in the conversation,” Combs added.

Combs also named an artist he would like to work with (Adele) and a genre of music he would like to cross paths with (rap).

Watch the Billboard interview above.

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