Nita Strauss releases first solo single since joining Demi Lovato

Unstoppable guitarist Nita Strauss released her latest instrumental number on Tuesday, August 30, the majestic and riff-laden “Summer Storm.” It’s her first solo single since former bandmate Alice Cooper joined Demi Lovato’s band as lead guitarist last month.

It’s also Strauss’ first new music since last year’s “Dead Inside” with Disturbed singer David Draiman. This tune earned the guitarist her first No. 1 on Billboardthe Active Rock charts.

Listen to “Summer Storm” at the bottom of this article.

The new song is intended for Strauss’ upcoming second studio album. “Instrumental music is where my heart is,” she explains, “and ‘Summer Storm’ is perhaps the song that I think best reflects my personal style: cathartic, catchy and soulful. So that many upcoming albums will have guest vocals, I’m also very proud of the instrumental tracks and thrilled to officially release this one to the world!”

Strauss already seems to be rubbing off on Lovato. When the pop star’s newly formed rock band did fall on this month, Lovato played a very metallic guitar.

While the mark on the ax headstock was obscured, the shape is unmistakably an Ibanez X series. In particular the Xiphos, sold as the FerLabel XPTB620 (6 strings) and XPTB720 (7 strings). Maybe Strauss hooked Lovato through her endorsement deal with Ibanez. (Watch the video below the song.)

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Nita Strauss, “Summer Storm”

Demi Lovato, “Substance” (live on fall on)

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