Periphery and Haunted Shores guitarist Mark Holcomb on The MetalSucks #429 podcast

This week, Periphery guitarist Mark Holcomb joins the show! We discuss the first full album of his project haunted shoreshow the band’s formation led him to join Periphery, the graveyard of riffs he uses to create songs, and treat Haunted Shores’ music like a 9-to-5 job. We also talk about how to dealing with writer’s block to meet deadlines, how “Mario Party” played a big role in writing “Periphery 4” (not to mention who his Mario Party character was and how it angered the within the band), how their own label 3DOT Recordings benefited the band in so many ways, and how intense the process was to make “Periphery 5” sound perfect.

Petar, Brandon and Sylvia discuss the second anniversary of the pandemic, how we’ve changed as people since the COVID lockdown, our initial reaction to the show two years ago, and where we’re headed from here.

Song: Haunted Shores “Hellfire”

Song: Haunted Shores “When in Oslo”

Song: Nekrogoblikon “In This Moment”

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