Rap artist Lecrae and director Ray Neutron’s team on a music video for “Spread the Opps”

Atlanta-based Christian hip-hop artist Lecrae, known for his music with an unabashed edginess that challenges the church to live up to its potential, produced this music video for the single “Spread the Opps.” from his mixtape Church Clothes 4.

The video was directed by Ray Neutron through the production company Institute (sister company of Girl Culture Films).

Throughout the video, viewers are exposed to a kaleidoscope of striking vignettes inspired by exploitative moments from Lecrae’s life and career. The vignettes range from a dinner scene paying homage to Freedmen‘ iconic moment of betrayal between Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) and Jimmy Conway (Robert De Niro), to a harrowing recreation of James Baldwin and Nikki Giovanni A conversation (1971). Lecrae also reads a searing newspaper, symbolizing the many controversies of American life that he explored in his artistic career.

Also based in Atlanta, director Neutron said, “’Spread the Opps’ feels like equal parts imprecatory psalm, personal excavation and charitable warning – a final act of diplomacy. I found myself interested in his inner turmoil and specific inflection points on his journey of achievement, how these experiences ripple out of Lecrae the individual, and their wider implications in society.

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