Richard Durrant will perform at the Upfront Arts Venue in Penrith

A NAMED guitarist will soon perform in Cumbria as part of a cycling marathon across the country.

This is the second time Richard Durrant has taken on the challenge of cycling from Orkney to Sussex, performing 15 gigs along the way.

This first performance was in Kirkwall on June 2 and he performed in Inverness on June 4.

The classical guitarist will perform at the Upfront Arts Venue in Penrith on June 10, from 8pm to 10.30pm, and he will perform entirely new compositions, as well as Bach on ukulele.

Durrant said: “38 years after my debut in London and my performances at the Royal Albert Hall, I feel blessed to be undertaking this tour.

“Besides the Bach music that opens and closes each concert, these concerts are about my own solo guitar music.

“The audience [is] the center of my concerts.

“I want people to feel welcome and appreciated; it is for them that I play music and tell stories of troubadours, council scavengers and Persian princes.

“I stand up to make communication with the public more direct and take the guitar as far away from the classical realm as possible.”

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He will finish this tour on a specially built bicycle, complete with an instrument trailer carrying his instruments and concert gear on an audax-style Aurelius bicycle with trailer and panniers.

He added, “Cycling and playing solo is more convenient than the big music projects I’ve been involved in, I just get on my bike and ride to the next venue; there is no pollution, no complexities, just pedals.

“The bike also looks stunning on stage where it becomes an unexpected and intriguing work of art, equally at home in a theater or a cathedral.”

For more information and for tickets, click on here.

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