Slash says Guns N’ Roses has some epic songs coming out

Guns N’ Roses still have “a few epic songs” to release, according to slash.

The top-notch guitarist brought in Eddie Trunk Trunk Nation SiriusXM radio show on Wednesday to discuss the band’s upcoming touring and music release plans, as well as their desire to record a new album. You can listen to the excerpt below.

“I want to come in and break a whole new record at some point, probably sooner rather than later,” Slash said. “But apart from that, we have things [that’s still] have to go out. So it’s going to come out piecemeal over the next… couple months or something. So that’s basically it. We still have one more tour to do next summer, and that will free us up to come in and work on a new record.”

Slash Talks New Guns N’ Roses Music On “Trunk Nation”

Guns N’ Roses has released two new songs, “Absurd” and “hard school“, last year, marking the first material featuring the singer Axl Rosebass player Duff McKagan and Slash since their 1994 takeover of rolling stones‘ ‘Sympathy for the devil.’ Both songs are from Chinese democracy sessions and feature newly recorded parts from Slash and McKagan.

Slash said Guns N’ Roses had reworked several other songs in this way during the pandemic. “There are a handful of these songs that we absolutely fixed and did when we were in lockdown,” he explained. “Those haven’t been released yet, so they’re going to come out. … We’re just going to put out one or two songs, and one or two more songs, and I think it’ll be pretty much all of them. I don’t know exactly how many we made in total.”

The guitarist noted that the band’s other unreleased songs “don’t have the same kind of history, because I know ‘Hard Skool’… goes way back. But there are some epic songs that come out, so I’m excited about that.”

Guns N’ Roses will also release a mammoth Use your illusion box on November 11. The 97-track collection includes complete recordings of their May 16, 1991 performance at the Ritz Theater in New York City and their January 25, 1992 performance at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas. The “super deluxe” box set also contains a Blu-ray video of the entirety Living in New York film-concert. The band previewed the release with a live video of “you could be mine“, recorded at the Ritz.

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