Spacetrain’s new album features recordings from the late guitarist Dan Gaibel

Spacetrain drops a new album on Saturday, and it features recordings from the band’s late guitarist Dan Gaibel, who died in 2019. “Singularity” is being released alongside a reunion of the band at the Ithaca Festival. This is the band’s first gig since a memorial show at The Range in April 2019.

The new album is a posthumous tribute to Dan, but also features much of his songwriting, says Samuel B. Lupowitz, who spearheaded the project and plays keyboards on the album. Sam was also able to incorporate parts of rough recordings of Dan playing guitar into early versions of the songs he was working on with the band before he died of metastatic melanoma at the age of 45.

The surviving members of Spacetrain—vocalist/guitarist Joe Gibson, bassist/vocalist Sergio M. Pedro, and drummer/vocalist Dan Collins—entered the studio last fall with Sam and guitarist Joe Massa to re-record all nine songs from the album, with Nate Silas. Richardson at the controls.

Spacetrain, with the late Dan Gaibel at left.

“I feel a lot of joy that this music is available and that we’ve been able to walk into a studio and make a record that I think Dan would be proud of,” Sam said. “It brings up a lot of emotions because I miss him. a lot. I’m sad that I couldn’t play more music with him, but I feel very honored to be a part of it.

Proceeds from sales of “Singularity” will be donated to the Finger Lakes Cancer Resource Center, the group says. It will be available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify.

Spacetrain will perform at the Bernie Milton Pavilion at noon on Saturday, June 4 and sell CDs.

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