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The Dream Syndicate planted many alternative rock seeds with their classic 1982 debut Wine and Rose Days, part of a catalog of seven albums as solid as any rock. Yet the band, which broke up in 1989 and reunited in 2012, never played SXSW – even though Austin was the first city outside of California the band ever visited.

“We drove straight from Los Angeles without stopping, played a show hosted by Jody Denberg, then got back in the van and drove home,” Wynn says by phone from New York.

“After all these years, we’ve settled into this stuff that we really love, and the kind of music that we all love.” –Steve Wynn

The singer-songwriter and his bandmates – guitarist Jason Victor, bassist Mark Walton, keyboardist Chris Cacavas and SXSW drummer/virgin Dennis Duck – return to Austin for two shows: one for UK label Fire Records , which has just reissued -print 1986 LP out of the gray in the box What can I say ? No regretsand the other to celebrate the 40th anniversary of that iconic debut album, which Fire will later re-release in 2022.

“This year, we’re really going to embrace Wine and Rose Days“, says Wynn. “It’s not like we haven’t played those songs anyway – the last gig we did in Brooklyn in December, we opened with ‘Until Lately.’ But I don’t think we’ve ever made the album to the end – it’ll be fun.

The band’s new deal with Fire also includes Ultraviolet Battle Hymns and True Confessions, a new LP released in June. “We’re really proud of the three records we made after getting together,” Wynn notes. “This record almost feels like a summation – the sweet spot in the middle of those three. It fits perfectly and seals all loose ends. After all these years, we’ve settled into this stuff that we really love and the kind of music that we all love.

The Dream Syndicate

Thursday March 17, 10 p.m., Patio of the Hotel Vegas

Friday, March 18, 10:20 p.m., Historic Sanctuary of St. David (40th anniversary of Wine and Rose Days)

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