The iconic musical “Beauty and the Beast” on stage at the Angelo Civic Theater

You can be a guest and see the beloved classic come to life on September 9.

SAN ANGELO, Texas – Disney’s iconic ‘Beauty and the Beast’ has been a household name since its first theatrical release in 1991.

Beginning September 9, a live musical production of the show will take place at the Angelo Civic Theater with nine performance dates throughout the month.

The show is set to run until September 25, and director Cameron O’Brient is working hard alongside the cast and crew to make it all possible.

“I want people to have fun,” he said.

O’Brient said the auditions took place over a two-day period beginning July 18.

“They came and sang for the musical director and myself,” he said.

The assistant director taught choreography during auditions while O’Brient focused on vocals. On the second day of the audition process, acting was the main focus.

“You have to start looking at which Belle has chemistry with which Beast and who you can get to portray the parts as you envision them,” he said.

75 community members auditioned, and O’Brient was constantly making changes before the cast list became official.

The full cast includes 28 people, and rehearsal began on July 25. “And we’ve been rehearsing every week, almost every day since then.”

Rehearsals take place Monday through Friday for three hours a day, totaling up to 15 hours a week.

O’Brient wants to make the experience enjoyable for both the actors and the audience.

“It’s the movie that people grew up with and know and love, and I just want to bring back some of that nostalgia and let them relive their childhood on stage or let them see it again in a new light. “, did he declare. .

Theater fans can expect two more shows through the end of the 2022 season with more to come.

Visit the angelocivictheatre to buy tickets or find out more.

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