‘The Monkees’ Mike Nesmith once told a reporter about his ‘difficult’ personality, ‘You can never be too sure of me’

Speaking with reporters, the result was historically hit and miss with Monkees guitarist and songwriter Mike Nesmith. The artist used to be very welcoming or aloof when talking to the press. He was called the “Difficult Monkee”, a label he neither agreed nor disagreed with. In a vintage interview, Nesmith once told a reporter, “You can never be too sure of me,” when asked about his nurturing personality.

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Mike Nesmith has often spoken about his Monkees past, but always as an observer

In interviews, Nesmith was faced with questions about his history with the Monkees. A generation of fans have intertwined the TV show and the band’s music. Nesmith would always punctuate his statements as more an observer of the craziness generated by the band than being in its mix.

For example, in an interview with USA todayNesmith was approached by an interviewer who quoted a quote from the musician who called himself “the tough Monkee who doesn’t talk about his Monkee past”.

Nesmith replied, “My Monkees sense has remained pretty consistent over the years. The Monkees belong to the people and the fans and not to me – and I don’t think they can ever belong to me in that way.

He continued: “I am eternally grateful and happy for the association and I think it is positive and beneficial in my life. In the context of my overall career, The Monkees experience is an important and welcome part of the puzzle.

Mike Nesmith revealed this personality trait during his first interactions with the press

In an interview conducted in February 1967 for 16 MagazineNesmith opened up about his personality after a reporter asked him a direct question about his features. Fresh cherry cream reproduce the interview in its entirety.

A reporter asked Nesmith, “how would you describe your personality?”

He replied, “I wouldn’t. I leave that up to you, but remember, you can never be Of course About me.”

Nesmith also shared in the same interview that he enjoys spending time alone.

“I have a ‘lonely’ tendency and I like to ‘disappear’ from time to time; I leave and come back hours later. I also write songs when I can find some time for myself,” he explained.

He also shared some other revealing information about his personality in an interview aimed primarily at teenage girls.

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nesmith said 16 Magazine that he had three words of advice for a girl who wanted to “love” him. (At that time, he was married to his wife Phyllis Nesmith, and the couple shared a son, Christian.)

He said, “Don’t wreck my car, watch the slide rules and don’t love me.”

Nesmith shared one of his most prized possessions with Beatles member George Harrison.

“I have a specially made 12-string Gretsch guitar. There are only two others like it in the world. George Harrison has one, and Chet Atkins has the other. But…material things are not necessarily the most important things. Remember that,” he said.

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