The reinventing nature of electronic music artist Christian Krauter is the magic of his huge success

The combination of the latest technological innovations and creativity propels Queensland DJ Christian Krauter to the top. Remix artist is winning millions of hearts.

EDM is one of the most influential and enjoyable musical genres. Reviving its essence with refined musicality and pure class, Christian Krauter creates a completely different musical space. Rich in heavy beats and varied musical mixes, the artist offers a dose of entertainment to all music lovers. The artist has already shown his mixing nature through various EDM subgenres. The listening experience that one can expect from the songs of the artist is unreal. One of the tracks “binary roommates” is an hour and a half mashup featuring music and mixes of all kinds. The mix of instrumentals with the bass accented notes makes the track one of a kind. The relationship between the artist and his synthesizers is a heavenly encounter.

Although the queensland dj is a software expert, he never wastes his free time and invests it in music. Music has been such a passion for Christian Krauterthat he has no favorite genres. Originally from Klagenfurt, the EDM artist has been running his lines for 5 years now. his list of masterpieces also includes songs like “I can’t get enough of you”, “feel my love”, “Dub – Melody”, etc. The artist is already causing a stir with over 28,000 subscribers on SoundCloud, which happens to be the platform where you can find all of his music. Follow him on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram. Subscribe to the artist Youtube channel and also discover its Spotify profile for more.

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