This year’s USLO Independence Boat Party pumped up all the energy and excitement in people.

DJ Lord GQ will be producing indie performances, giving Hollywood vibes, and plenty of other big name artists will be entertaining as well.

There is so much happening around us now, especially as restrictions are gradually being eased around the world after the pandemic. More and more people are now eagerly waiting for the next event or party to dance or enjoy their evening amid great music and drinks. Many parties are held every year to provide people with these amazing experiences, but this year’s USLO Independence Boat Party is meant to provide people with the most exhilarating experiences they have ever had before.

Musical artist Queennak will take over the dance floor, which will also force people to hit the dance floor. DJ Lord GQ will also show his A-game by producing independent performances, giving big Hollywood vibes. And to top it off, the official music video for this year’s USLO boat party will be produced by Winstina Taylor. The USLO boat party is already considered the most anticipated party of this year in the United States, and many are really looking forward to attending to have a wonderful experience seeing these true blue artists perform live. Many artists have already come to the fore to make the audiences time and experience worth it, including Queennak, Shady Baby, Aklass, Daddy Saj, Sir Wahid and many more will be seen entertaining people during the this year’s USLO Independence Boat Party.

DJ Lord GQ and Huzo Rex will host the ceremony, providing the audience with special DJ sounds and lightning effects this year. Plus, Afro Afrique will officially open the dance floor and take it by storm with the wickedest queen of freedom. The much-talked-about party will offer various contests, cash, and other exclusive prizes up for grabs. People can get their tickets from Big H and Bintu.

Audiences can chill out with the stars hosted by the amazing DJ Lord GQ, and a free bus ride from Philadelphia to the Big Apple will also be offered.

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