Unusual Effects Pedal Makes Your Guitar Sound Like Farts

Do you want your guitar to sound like farts instead of, you know, a guitar?

Well you are in luck. Musician and sound builder Steve Gadlin created The Fart Pedal, an unprecedented guitar effects unit that gives players the ability to “lace up [their] his signature with some truly epic farts, ”according to the inventor.

And, yes, it really looks like farts.

Need proof? Gadlin himself has made many videos using the pedal. This includes clips of him going through guitar-based classics such as Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” and Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, while imbuing each with the sound of gas. A few other musicians have also shared videos on the pedal, including bassist Amos Heller (Taylor Swift, Thomas Rhett) and guitarist Dag Juhlin.

On the pedal’s crowdfunding page on Kickstarter, Gadlin explained that he “partnered with a pedal manufacturing company to run a large series of fart pedals, which helped cut costs. Kickstarter will help us fund a series of 250 fart pedals. “

Regarding foot pedal capabilities, he added, “Farting noises generated by the fart pedal are not your lot in Spencer’s Gifts fart machines. I worked with an award winning sound design company in Chicago to develop bespoke and personalized fart noises. , for which I hold the exclusive license. These fart noises were specially designed for a guitar amplifier and tuned for exceptional performance live or in the studio. “

But how many musicians need their electric guitar or bass to sound like farts? Gadlin seemed to already have this question in mind.

“We include several ‘faux’ decals with each pedal,” Gadlin explained. “This will allow you to surreptitiously hide the The Fart Pedal logo with a more discreet logo so you can sneakily slide The Fart Pedal onto any guitarist’s pedal board.”

Need a stank your guitar tone? Now you know who to turn to.

Learn more about The Fart Pedal and commit to getting yours at kickstarter.com. See the videos below.

“Enter Sandman” played through the fart pedal

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” through the fart pedal

Fart Pedal Blind Review by Amos Heller

Fart pedal review by Dag Juhlin

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