When the start of a group goes wrong

If you start a band, you might end up being good, but you’ll probably end up as one of those unfortunate bands.

Are you big Rockin’ Al fans? Of course not, but you’ll surely enjoy a brawl between middle-aged comrades mid-game. One of the smallest members of the group decided to get rid of the drummer, who happened to be a real giant. With a single push, the Doc Brown-looking musician flew back, but got up and tried to test the beater again. It didn’t go well.

Have you ever jammed with someone who tries to play way beyond their abilities? An act of worship, which sounded pretty good, was marred by an overzealous drummer and his ridiculous fillers. The slow-paced song of coming to Jesus should have stayed that way, but this drummer decided to go for the tech death, blasting fillers like Ringo Starr on horse tranquilizers.

A real band in this video compilation is the Ataris, who had a falling out with their drummer on stage. Frontman Kris Roe got fed up with the drummer’s playing, throwing his guitar into the dude’s kit and dismantling his drums while throwing a tantrum. After Roe apologized to the crowd, he played a stripped down set and attributed it all to rock ‘n’ roll.

Watch our compilation on why you probably shouldn’t start a group below.

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