World famous rock star Slash buys a guitar from the Morecambe music store

Slash from Guns N’ Roses

Staff at a Morecambe music store are elated after one of the world’s biggest rock icons – Slash of Guns N’ Roses – became a customer.

The legendary guitarist bought a guitar from Promenade Music in Morecambe.

David Wood, owner of the musical instrument store, said having Slash as a customer was “amazing” and “exciting”.

Slash, lead guitarist for the American rock band known for hits such as ‘Sweet Child Of Mine’ and ‘Welcome to the Jungle’, contacted the Marine Road East store directly.

“We got an email, very clearly from Slash, wanting a guitar,” Mr. Wood said.

“We are the UK’s number one importer for many top brands of guitars.

“We all love our customers, but I think for a store on Morecambe promenade to have one of the world’s greatest rock guitarists as a customer is just amazing and very exciting for the staff.”

The purchase was handled by Gary Thistlethwaite, who works in the shop and plays guitar in local bands.

Slash, real name Saul Hudson, then sent the store a thank you email, saying he wished he had known about Promenade Music when he toured the UK with Guns N’ Roses recently.

David responded by saying that Slash is welcome to visit the shop for a cup of tea whenever he’s in the area!

The Promenade Music boss said he couldn’t confirm what type of product Slash purchased.

However, there has been speculation on Facebook that it could be a pedal steel guitar.

Earlier this year TV presenter Matt Allwright, known for hosting Rogue Traders and Watchdog, visited Promenade Music to discuss his own passion for pedal steel guitars with the store team.

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